Davor Matkovic


In recent years I have dedicated myself to hold clinics on individual basketball techniques and skills in different parts of the world.

When attending these clinics in person, I was dedicated to explain details of the individual basketball techniques and skills. I do not spend time talking about tactics, because I think that the tactical part is very diverse, with different approach from coach to coach.

On the other hand, the individual basketball techniques and skills are very strict and a necessary tool to play basketball. If you master the tactic very well but you don’t know basic skills (dribbling, shooting or passing) it is very unlikely that you will play well. However, mastering individual technique will allow you to play very well without having much tactical knowledge.

Obviously both are very important and you have to train them. 

If you belong to a club, you are a basketball coach / teacher, president of the club and you are interested in a Clinic to improve and enhance basketball elements, you can contact me at WhatsApp +34661128773, or fill out the form found on this website.