Davor Matkovic


In this globalized world, the internet allows us to connect with anyone being in different countries.
Through video calls or video conferences, I can confidently advise you on any basketball issue.

These are 7 benefits of a consultation by video call: 

1. Meetings planned in advance.
2. Make inquiries choosing the day and time that best suits your agenda.
3. Save time and unnecessary waiting.
4. Avoid travel expenses.
5. Possibility of recording meetings for subsequent monitoring (by other people who are part of the decision chain).
6. Establishment of an agenda structuring the topics to be treated so that consultation is as accurate as possible. 
7. Previous study of the documentation that allows me timely and as appropriate response as possible at the time of the meeting.

If you belong to a club, you are a basketball coach / teacher or you are a player and you are interested in a consultation by video call, you can contact me at​ WhatsApp + 34661128773, or fill out the form found on this website.